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Feels more adults careRemains an issueWas not an issue
Feels he/she has more future optionsUnresolved issueWas not an issue
Boundaries and Expectations:
Feels others see him/her as more responsibleHas higher expectations of him/herselfRemains an issueWas not an issue
Constructive Use of Time:
Has more interests and hobbiesIs involved in more youth programsIs more involved in (sports, music, religious)Remains an issueWas not an issue
Commitment to Learning:

Positive Values:
Thinks it’s important to help othersIs more honestRemains an issueWas not an issue
Social Competencies:

Positive Identity:
Has a more positive view of his/her futureFeels more sure of him/herselfThinks he/she is a better personRemains an issueWas not an issue

What did your mentee gain/learn from your session?

What did you gain/learn from the session?

What worked well?

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Please send in an evaluation of your conversation after each conversation. This is important for legal, administration and as continuity in any followup sessions. We are hoping this mechanism will provide a way to evaluate progress over time.

Feel free to also make a post on our Blog for other Mentors benefit. Particularly anything you learned from the conversation, new ways of handling situations that might help others in similar situations. The blog is moderated, meaning your post will be reviewed before it appears on the Blog. Do not use Mentee's real names in posts; there is nothing wrong with employing a pseudonym. Also please read others posts, comment and provide encouragement to your fellow Mentors wherever possible.

Usage of Status:
Concluded - likely means there is not going to be another conversation.
Satisfactory/unsatisfactory is your opinion as to the issues raised having been addressed
Reschedule - after a missed, late or short conversation (put details in the body of the message)
Schedule - a satisfactory conversation; mentee wants another (time/date in the body)
Followup - your intention to initiate a short followup to mentee to satisfy yourself everything is ok
Other - detail in body of message