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When something is bugging me, my mentor listens to meMy mentor has lots of good ideas about how to solve a problemMy mentor helps me take my mind off thingsMy mentor promises we will do something and then we don’t do itMy mentor makes fun of me in ways that I don’t likeI wish my mentor were differentWhen I talk with my mentor, I feel disappointedWhen I talk with my mentor, I feel ignoredWhen I talk with my mentor, I feel boredWhen I talk with my mentor, I feel madI feel that I can’t trust my mentor with secretsI am afraid my mentor will talk to my parent/guardianWhen my mentor gives me advice I feel stupidI wish my mentor asked me more about what I thinkI wish my mentor knew me betterI wish my mentor spent more time with me

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Gudance for giving us Feedback

Thank you for taking advantage of our mentoring. We hope that you got what you wanted from the conversation. 20 minutes is not a lot of time however we believe it's better to have a few short conversations rather than one very long one.

You can have just one or many conversations with your mentor and you do not have to report anything here. You might want to tell us what you liked or did not like by answering a few questions. It is entirely up to you and it may help us better address your needs.

You can arrange further conversations now or at any time in the future.

You do not have to stick to the same mentor. If you decide to switch you do not have to explain why. We encourage you to find the exact right mentor and if that involves talking to a few then that is good. We do recommend having a few conversations with the same mentor once you feel comfortable with your choice because 20 minutes is not such a lot of time to strike up a friendship with somebody.

There is an area at the end of this page where you can tell us what you really think. You can wait or schedule another call now if you want and we will email or call you back to arrange a connection. Make sure you indicate a suitable time/date of when you want to have the call.