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Confidential Information

All information you submit here is kept secure and confidential.

Your application will be reviewed by us and a background check performed by a 3rd party. Once approved we will email you an agreement for your approval. It may be necessary to have a short conversation on the phone to clarify any questions you or we have.

Once accepted by us we will edit your Mentoring Offered information to ensure it fits space limitations, style etc., of the site. Your original wording is kept on file for future reference and can be edited by you at any time.

We match mentees with mentors based upon your offering and age range.

People visiting this site will see your photo (if you have uploaded one), your "Display name" and "Mentoring Offered" information only. We do encourage you to upload a face photo as many mentees will make a selection based upon appearances.

Your phone number and possibly your email address will become known to people you talk to. You should indicate when you will be available to make a 20 minute call to a mentee and we will coordinate

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